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   Art Leather revolutionized the photography album with the introduction of its Futura line.

   Art Craft offers three album sizes from 3½x5 to 8x10 to meet virtually any album desire. The largest choice of mat
   arrangements in the industry and the unsurpassed quality of Art Leather make this our premium album. 
Now available
   with black on black and black on silver pages.

Art Leather "Futura" Aristohyde Album Prices

   The most confusing issue about ordering wedding albums is the interchangeable use of the terms leaves, pages and inserts. The industry term
   is Inserts, which refers to a two-sided page with photographs mounted on both sides. For all but the System 300, insert prices include two
   mats per insert.  Click OPTIONS for cover, mat, and page information.

Base Price including 6 inserts and 12 mats.


Aristohyde Covers
with 6 inserts


(per Insert)


  8 x 10 324.00 17.50 3.00 18.50
  5 x 7 264.00 14.25 2.00 15.25
  3 x 5 205.00 10.70 1.50 10.70

Our prices for Art Leather Futura™ album line include everything!

  • Two mats per insert.
  • Personalized Engraving. Choose your names and wedding date or a monogram and wedding date.
  • Choice of Cover Designs (Including Oval).
  • Choice of available titles for the cover and spine of your album.

   Other colors and album sizes are manufactured by Art leather. We may impose some quantity requirements on sizes and insert and mat
 colors we do not regularly offer.


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